Sheryl Vaughan

My aim is to communicate the connection between the mighty and formidable power of an electrical element like lightning with the delicate and intricate workings of the brain.  Contracting meningitis and being struck by lightning can be life altering and, in my case, creatively beneficial. 


This subject directed me to focus on the connection between the macro and the micro of our planet.  To discover that a river delta viewed from space, or a bolt of lightning watched in slow motion look similar to the root system of a plant or the veining system within the human body.  Seeing the same patterns occur in nature, in both the largest and the smallest of our world is fascinating and interesting.


I have created intriguing and beautiful glass by using rich and vibrant co-ordinating jewel colours that relate to my theme. The reflective and refractive qualities that I have produced in the glass, by way of contrasting textures and form, has permitted me to invite the viewer to investigate, examine and explore, both the interior and the exterior of my intricate and curved forms.

BA(Hons)Three Dimensional Design - Glass

University of the Creative Arts

DELTA Sheryl Vaughan 78 DPI
STRIKE (MID SECTION) Sheryl Vaughan  78 DPI
close up DELTA2 Sheryl Vaughan 78 DPI
Sheryl Vaughan Menopausal - Sharp Blush Melting 78 DPI
Robot & Robo-Dog - Sheryl Vaughan 78 DPI

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