Philip O'Reilly

The artworks in this exhibition are related to spatial illusions.  The idea of an image that is illusory, shifting in time and meaning, like a map perhaps, in this case a simple rectangle, is part of my painting language. 


The titles of the artworks reflect on different notions about light and shadow, surface and space and the nature of creating forms that express concepts or knowledge that are not immediately perceptible. 


I once travelled to India's Pink City, Jaipur, and observed the stone and metal structures at the Astrological Instrument Park used to measure astronomical positions.


I drew a number those that indicated star groupings in the astrological calendar and became especially interested in Yantra Raj.


Yantra Raj is an astrolabe, a large suspended disc, that rotates in the horizontal plane and has a rotating arm within its surface.  It is made of cast metal and hangs from a stone and timber structure resembling a giant ‘Fob Watch'. 


The object relied on light and cast shadows for its directional data. 


Yantra Raj became the starting point for my circular artworks in ceramics, glass, textiles and painting. 


All of my recent artwork is based on things observed in India.

National Diploma in Design

Diploma in Fine Art

Slade School of Fine Art

Philip O'Reilly
Philip O'Reilly

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