Kyran Wallace

In his previous series of glass objects Kyran Wallace focused on simple blown forms that were cut to reveal inner colour scapes and surface pattern. He continues this approach with his new body of cast work.


The initial models are made in plaster and roughly ground to a crystaline form. These blanks are cast with a multi-piece mould that is re-assembled after removing the model and acts as a recepticle into which the molten glass will flow.


The glass is prepared with a mixture of colour pigments and metal foils so that it creates large veiling swirls that capture the frozen movements of colour and air bubbles.


After cooling and de-moulding Kyran grinds into the glass form revealing more of the internal structure and brings out the character of the faceted piece.


It is a process that combines careful planning and measurement with the natural power of chance, chemical transformation and a playful blend of fluidity and geometry. 



University of the Creative Arts

Glass Assistant for Max Jacquard

Instagram: kyranwallaceglass

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