Hannah Facey

Hannah creates delicate, unique pieces using the lost wax casting method, which has enabled her to draw attention to the glass in unusual ways. Irregular edges to rims, textures on the inside rather than the outside and a thinness that is rarely encountered all help to highlight the objects she makes.  An important part of her work is the way she makes the models. “I aim to treat the waxes like hot glass, working them fast and as hot as possible. This way I am able to infuse into them a sense of spontaneity and energy more akin to glass blowing than lost wax casting”.


Hannah makes vessels, not always for use, but as a comment on how we have increasingly become a throw-away society and to highlight the everyday actions we often forget. Her vessels are often made from discarded objects, retrieved from skips or waste bins, and in doing so she gives new purpose to the original forms. Her intention is that by producing simple yet delicate pieces, she can provoke a heightened awareness of how invisible the everyday object has become.


The intense pressure of Western society to ‘succeed’ is another aspect that Hannah touches on with her expanding Energy Bowl series; She attempts to capture both the energy of the spontaneous, child-like happiness that comes from playing, alongside the meditative energy that is the basis of Tai Chi. In these vessels she reminds us to relax and take time to appreciate the beauty of the simplest of things.

BA (Hons)Three Dimensional Design - Glass

University of the Creative Arts


Instagram: hannahfaceyartist

Facebook: Hannah Facey Artist

Patrons and Angels Prize, Recent Graduate Exhibition 2008, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham (Known as Rising Stars Currently)


Finalist Homes and Gardens Classic Design Awards 2008

Hannah Facey, Whirlpool Energy, copper blue
Hannah Facey, High Tea I and High Tea II, light grey and bronze
Hannah Facey, Wise Mind III, copper blue
Hannah Facey, Calming Energy, pale steel blue
Hannah Facey, Memory Platter, jade, emerald and pale lagoon (1)
Hannah Facey, Memory Platter, jade, emerald and pale lagoon

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