Diana Williams

I am a sculptor and installation artist working with traditional and non-traditional materials that include glass, plastic, metal, and wire.


I develop my ideas through experimentation with these materials and their associated processes, attempting to capture and make tangible unseen elements and forces.


Meaning in my work is embedded within the physical characteristics and mutability of my materials, so I choose to work with materials that are amorphous and transformative in nature.


Outcomes are ephemeral and ambiguous, deliberately defying the conventional masculine norms of sculpture that relate to form and bulk.


The tactile, sensuous and ethereal are juxtaposed with the utilitarian aesthetics of industrial substances, with the conflict between seemingly contradictory substances enabling a dialogue to form within the work.

MA Fine Arts

University of Brighton

Post Graduate Diploma Glass

University of the Creative Arts

BA(Hons)Fine Arts

University of Chichester


Instagram:diana williams_fineartist


Diana Williams
Diana Williams
Diana Williams Reflection and Refraction copy

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