Anum Khan

Understanding human interaction with objects and how it affects the human behavior psychologically, emotionally and socially inspired me to produce work to show a beautiful perspective of this world by capturing mind soothing moments of the Sea that communicates a sense of stillness, serenity and tranquility.

After studying Psychology, Sociology alongside the Arts I discovered how these aspects are inter-linked and how art is not just an act of work but creates a sense of meaning to the viewer. 


'Reminiscent of the Sea' series revolves around the inspiration of water whilst travelling to Dubai. It aims to capture the calm movement of the waves, ripples and its beautiful shades. My forms are developed from a horizon line, a curve, which I observed from the Arabian Sea.

I choose glass to explore the transparency of water as they both share similar qualities. To mimic the properties of water glass is a core material to work with as it allows me to reflect the aesthetics of the sea such as it’s transparency, shade and depth.

I am drawn to the subtle interplay between the polished smooth surfaces allowing the viewer to explore and examine inside the glass.  In contrast the quality of the outer textured surface is achieved using fabric to give a shimmery effect like light shimmering on water.

BA (Hons) 3 Dimensional Design - Glass

University of the Creative Arts

Pollie Weiss Award 2015

Society of Designer Craftsmen

New Licentiate Award 2015

Society of Designer Craftsmen

Reminiscent of the Sea 1b
Reminiscent of the Sea 1
Reminiscent of the Sea 2
Reminiscent of the Sea 4a
Reminiscent of the Sea 2a
Reminiscent of the Sea 6

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